Embark offers dog training and dog adventure services and solves dog behavior
problems in the Greater Seattle Area, including the Eastside locations.

Day Training

Day training is simply this:                                       We train your dog while you go about your day.

If Daisy is having house-training accidents, jumping on visitors or barking at other dogs, it might be time to consider day-training.

Customized day-training programs offer the following:

  • Puppy Head Start (similar to foundation really, but with the scavenger hunt), and introduction to crate training & potty training assistance.
  • Foundation Training/Basic Manners:  Sit, stay, heel, come, off, give, and leave it.  Additionally, we offer bonding games and advice for the newly adopted shelter dog.
  • Solutions for Common Behavior Problems:  Urination, barking, digging, jumping etc.
  • Specialized Behavior Modification:  Separation anxiety, aggression, and more…  These sessions often require long term training commitments and follow-up appointments.
  • Customized Exercise Programs (also included in Trek Management Agreement)

First, we schedule a consultation to learn about your dog and set training goals.  Next, we design a structured program with solutions that address these goals.  We meet with you weekly to demonstrate what your dog has learned and to coach you through a training session so you can transfer these new skills to your daily routine.  Finally, we teach simple management techniques to prevent future behavior problems.

There are no shortcuts to training, but our day-training sessions accelerate progress so you see results sooner.  Time, patience, a dedicated family and a sense of humor are the keys to happy dogs and happy people!

A note on training:  We focus on positive reinforcement training methods.  We teach new cues as we would teach a new language, slowly and patiently. We introduce hand signals and verbal cues, challenging your dog to figure out what we want rather than forcing your dog to comply.  We build on success, rewarding correct responses with life rewards, small treats, the opportunity to play favorite games and plenty of praise.

Puppy Head Start/Basic Manners/Behavior Modification
$135 for initial consultation or non-package rate

Package Rates:
2 weeks of training at per $125/session  
*3 weeks or greater at per $115/session

*Offer at reduced price is extended to clients using our Treks service with a management agreement.

Ask about discounts offered to adopted shelter\rescued dogs.